Proud To Be Canadian!!!

posted Jul. 16, 2008

Some may think that I'm a little late with this but I felt this is something that needs to be said. The other day as I was driving to the store, I realized something. The few days before and after Canada Day there were Canadian Flags on cars, in plants, in stores on displays, everywhere!!!!

I think that this is wonderful, Canada is a great country and we should be proud to live here. But why I wonder, a little less then a month after Canada Day, the only Canadian flags I see now are near businesses which have the flag out all year round as well as other flags. I understand you may be reading this thinking having a flag flying doesn't show pride, but if that is the case then why do people choose to fly them on and around Canada day?? I think, if you have a Canadian flag flying only once a year then maybe you should look at why you have it showing at all? When most Canadians go to another country they make sure it is known that they are from Canada whether its by wearing a Canada pin on their lapel, by have a Canadian flag on their bag or the most obvious place by wearing clothing with Canada written all over it. Should we not sport Canadian paraphernalia all the time. Why are we not proud to be from Canada when in Canada? -Green Monkey