CamStudio 2.5 beta

posted Jul. 27, 2008

ScreenshotFor those of you who are looking for a program that can record all your screen and Audio activities on your computer then CamStudio is for you.
CamStudio is a open source program able to record all screen and audio activities on your computer. You can create industry-standard AVI and SWF video files, although you won't find a zoom feature, a huge variety of compressors or file types, or even a video editor in the free CamStudio 2.5 (beta). What you will find is a small, sturdy screencast application that faithfully records your PC in AVI and SWF (Flash) formats. There are many fine features in the intuitive, open source application to recommend it.
But if your looking for file type support outside AVI and SWF files or a editor for trimming, splicing, and optimizing a video, this program is not for you.
If those aren't strong concerns, this freebie, with its steady playback and modicum of audio and video settings options, this will provide the necessary tools for creating quick demos and screencasts.
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For anyone who would like CamStudio 2.0, you can download it here.