Send Your Panties Today!

posted Jul. 29, 2008

For more than 20 years now a humanitarian crisis has been taking place in Burma. By the ruling of the miltary regime, thousand of women have been forced into slave labor and thousand more have been killed.
Burmese women have endured many forms of sexual violence by the miltary to enforce its control over the countries ethnic minorites.
On May 3 2008 Burma was hit with Cyclone Nargis which brought the suffering of the Burmese people to an all time high. The military made matters worse by not promptly accepting help that was offered by other countries.
The Panties for Peace campagin was launched in October of 2007 by a group called Lanna Action for Burma (LAB), in hopes of stoping the miltarys abuse of the Burma popuation but mostly the abuse that the women are enduring.
Panties for Peace is a campagin where women around the world are asked to send their panties to local Burmese embassies in a bid to strip the military of their power and finally bring an end to the abuse of this country. Why send panties?? The leaders (dictators) of Burma believe touching a woman's panties will "make them lose their power". So start sending you panties today.
For more info on the Canadian campagin please visit
For the campagin that started it all visit or
In Canada send your package to the representatives of the military junta @ :
Embassy of the Union of Myanmar 85 Range Rd, 903 Ottawa (Ontario) K1N 8J6
Or to get the address of you local embassy visit