Conservative Government Cut Funding For Artists

posted Aug. 11, 2008

The Conservative government has announced it will no longer fund a federal program that subsidizes international promotional tours of Canadian artists. WTF!!! They attempted to play down reports that claimed the decision was motivated by ideological differences with many of the recipients.

"More than anything it's a budget decision," said Anne Howland, a spokesperson for Foreign Affairs Minister David Emerson.

"The government is committed to a more disciplined approach to managing spending." But Howland didn't deny that the ideological leanings of some recipients did figure in the decision. "Certainly we felt some of the groups were not necessarily ones we thought Canadians would agree were the best choices to be representing them internationally," she said. When pressed for an example of those who failed to meet such a requirement, Howland cited a Toronto-based experimental rock band. "I don't even want to say it (their name) on the phone," she said. "Holy F , that was one that was flagged."

I don't understand how this band can fail to meet the requirement!!! Did "Holy Fuck" get flagged because members of our government don't approve of their chosen name? Holy Fuck, how ridiculous is that? Especially since Holy Fuck's second album was nominated for Alternative Album of the Year at the 2008 Juno Awards and the group has been shortlisted for the $20,000 Polaris Music Prize. This just doesn't make any sense because with the exception of their name, I would hardly deem "Holy Fuck's" music as a threat to the Canadian image. Get Real!

However this is not the first time a Canadian politician had a problem with the name of a Band. Back in 1991 the "Barenaked Ladies" were banned from performing at a New Years Eve concert in Nathan Phillips Square outside Toronto City Hall because the Mayor at the time felt the Band's name objectified women.

Anyways, Don't Take My Word For IT because this is only my personal opinion. Click here for "Holy Fuck's" Myspace page and listen to their music yourself.


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