Gespaltene Trockenzeit by Elias Schwerdtfeger

posted Aug. 12, 2008

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The very talented Elias Schwerdtfeger is from Hannover, Germany. Elias Schwerdtfeger describes this and other albums as not being techno, noise or industrial but something completely different.

I personally would describe "Gespaltene Trockenzeit" by "Elias Schwerdtfeger" as a Dark Experimental Electronic Voyage with a minimalistic approach.

Gespaltene Trockenzeit by Elias Schwerdtfeger is licensed under a creative commons attribution non-commercial share alike license.


  • Gespaltene Trockenzeit
  • Gekopfte Sonne
  • Everlasting Depression
  • Erinnerungsdammerung
  • Endgegner Erinnerung
  • Wohin
  • Warum Bin Ich In Der Holle
  • Dezemberstaub
  • Galaga
  • Die Maschine Steht Bereit
  • Gammelfleisch
  • Kissen Mit Naturgerauschen
  • Der Ruckblick
  • Atonaler Spaziergang
  • Verodung
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