Voices of AMIGA by Nebulis

posted Aug. 15, 2008

Album CoverNebulis which was founded in 1997 is from Toulouse, France. I discovered Voices of AMIGA by Nebulis @ jamendo.com.

Voices of AMIGA is a collection of electronic tracks, recorded between 1998 and 2000. This album contains 12 full length tracks with a running time of approximately 60 minutes of electronic goodness.

Fans of Trance would enjoy this album.

Voices of AMIGA by Nebulis is licensed under a creative commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license.

Album Tracklist:

  • Harmonya
  • Eternity
  • Art of Trance
  • Psycho lune
  • Landya part 1
  • Understreet
  • Menthasya
  • Crepuscule
  • Galactik Zone
  • Tribal Seduction
  • Voyage
  • Voices of the sky
Links : Download, Jamendo


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