Under Clouds Over Ground by Delta Waves

posted Sep. 5, 2008

Album CoverDelta Waves began in 1995 by Greg Naumann as a very experimental music project. The earliest recordings were recorded on minimal equipment, for example a 4 track recorder by Fostex. Later Greg Naumann decided to expand the Delta Waves sound by collaborating and recording with other musicians from the "Detroit Space Rock Scene". Soon after Delta Waves began playing live shows with a constant rotation of musicians. More info about Delta Waves can be found here.

I discovered "Under Clouds Over Ground by Delta Waves" @ earthmp.com.

Under Clouds Over Ground by Delta Waves is licensed under a creative commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license.

Album Tracklist: For Your Smile - Breeze Way - Twilight - Her Static Energy

Links : MySpace, Download, Earth Monkey Productions


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