Veggie Foods

posted Sep. 15, 2008

I have decide to...write about the best veggie foods I have tried. Store bought.

So just a few for now I can't give you all the goods at once I want you to come back for more :)

Yves Veggie Cuisine makes a awesome Veggie Burger, it is called "The Good Veggie Burger", they can be bought in most grocery stores and can be bought in a 4 pack or a 8 pack. They freeze well for a short time and are very tasty. I have feed these to sworn meat eaters and they even enjoyed them.

Schneiders also has a line of meat-less foods. I have tried Meatless Chick' n Burgers which can also be found in most grocery stores. Now when I made these I made the in the microwave(gross I know) but they turned out not bad so if you are in a rush and need something quick you could give these a try as cooking in the microwave is an option.

Now for my last store bought item Mr.Noddles Vegetable Flavor, I know what you are thinking! Mr.Noodles? why would Vedgonaut be posting about Mr.Noodles? Of all things! Well, thats because it great when you are in a rush. Open the packet toss the noodles in a bowl with the seasoning packet, add some chick peas to the mix. Boil some water and put enough water in the bowl to cover your noodles. Cover the bowl for about 4-5 minutes, just long enough for the water to absorb then eat.

Anyways..... I hope you try some of these, yes even the Mr.Noodles and enjoy. Keep looking back for more I will try not to be so long.

Signing off for now..........Vedgonaut


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