Globalenemy by Subatomicglue

posted Oct. 19, 2008

Album Cover
My discovery of "Globalenemy" by "Subatomicglue" was purely accidental. This discovery happened A few weeks ago after viewing this video followed by this Related Video on YouTube. I did a quick search on the net and the rest is history. :-)
Globalenemy by Subatomicglue contains 18 tracks with a running time of approximately 76 minutes. Fans of electronic music will love this release. :-)
Globalenemy by Subatomicglue is licensed under a creative commons Attribution-Share Alike license.


  • The Fall of Sol
  • Enigma Warrior
  • Ice Overflow
  • Lagoon
  • Zombie Princess
  • spin (eurotrancemix)
  • Haunted Forest
  • A Jetpack in Hand
  • Granite Facade
  • Cthuluinu (episode1)
  • Cthuluinu (episode2)
  • Art Progressive
  • Pixelguru
  • Electrovibe (xenon plasma mix)
  • Globalenemy
  • Atlantis in November
  • Imagine no Shadows

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