Nostalgia by Soundscape Fusion

posted Oct. 28, 2008

Album CoverNostalgia which is also known as "Echo part 1" and "Chapter Thirteen - Part I - Nostalgia" was taken from a collection of music called “The Magic Time Traveling Bag” by Soundscape Fusion. This album is the follow up to “Chapter Twelve - For The Love of Static” which was in fact recorded back in 1997. Nostalgia was a chance for R.h.oZ and Marlon Cairenius to complete something that began a long time ago.
Nostalgia by Soundscape Fusion contains 13 tracks with a running time of approximately 53 minutes.
This album is licensed under a creative commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license.

Tracklist: (a) Welcome 2k1 (b) Old Fashion Future (c) Up The Conveyor Belt (d) Rumour Mill
(e) PipeLine (f) Streets (g) Moon Walker (h) Devolution (i) Streets 2 (j) Free To Fly (k) Lost In Face
(l) T-Man (m) Departure

(a)(c)(e)(g)(h)(j)(k)(l) by R.h.oZ - (b)(d)(f)(i)(m) by Marlon Cairenius

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Links : R.h.oZ - Marlon Cairenius.


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