It's Halloween!! Not Black and Orange Day

posted Oct. 30, 2008

I am sad to to say that Toronto District School Board has decided that as the word Halloween may be offensive to some that have changed October 31 to Black and Orange Day

I feel that Halloween is the one day you can dress up as whatever you want and not be judge. In this day and age where everyone judging can't we have oneday where we can just be whoever/whatever we want.

For a country such as Canada who prides itself on multiculturalism and diversity to change names of certin holidays to apease a small number of people is ridiculous. I find this to be absurd and I can't help but wonder WHY?

I found this article in the National Post written for October 28 2008.

When I was in school we dressed up and walked around the block so family and friends could see us all decked out. Come the day I have a child and their are not allowed to dress up I think that will be the day my child stays home on Halloween and has fun with me, costume and all!!! Then we will go trick or treating!!


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