The Price Of Plastic Bags

posted Nov. 27, 2008

The City of Toronto is trying to pass a by-law to charge a nickel a bag fee for those customers who still use plastic shopping bags, council approval is still needed before this by-law will be put into place. They are estimating that this will cut at least 60% of the plastic bags that go to landfills.

Originally the proposal was that customers would get a 10-cent refund for every bag eliminated, store's fought against this proposal as they felt it would be difficult to judge how many throwaway bags would been saved when customers brought their own bags. They also complained that giving refunds of 10 cents for every bag saved would drive up their cost's and it would then in turn drive up the cost's of the products that would be bought.

As everyone is entitled to their own opinion, please keep in mind that what is being said next is my opinion. I think that this 5 cent charge is great, I don't think it is going far enough. There have been places that banned plastic bags altogether. Having to pay 5 cent for a bag is not a big deal.

I have heard a lot of people who have complaints such as, What are they going to use to pick up dog poo? Well to this; all I have to say is why don't you pay a few dollars for bio degradable plastic bags or you could try picking up a bag of paper bags at the dollar store and it won't take 1000 years to decompose in a land fill. Another complaint or should I say accusation is that such a by-law would be an attack on the poor. Well, I am a "poor" person and I shop at many discount stores that already charge 5 cents for bags. Anyways I can either pay 5 cents for each bag or I can bring my reusable bags. In fact, some place even sell reusable bags that fit neatly in your pocket, jacket or purse. I think we all need to suck it up and deal with it for the sake of our earth, our children, grandchildren.

Although I will be the first to admit that remembering to bring my reusable bags can be really hard sometimes, I have started to keep 2 or 3 in the truck of my car for those times I forget to bring them with me or when I need to make an unplanned stop and I think that everyone can do this too.


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