December 29, 2007


Track #158 - Zaintown (2007)

This track was recorded for the Electroniek symphoniek Album by Marlon Cairenius.

Check it out...It's FREE

December 9, 2007

Soundscape Fusion

For The Love of Static

For The Love of Static (mode12)

For The Love of Static was released Dec. 20 1997.

(1) Messiah (2) More Voices (3) Jump up & Down (4) Now Your Free (5) Unknown
(6) Motif (7) Help Me (8) Rest Assured

Written & recorded by R.h.oZ with the exception of track (5) Unknown which was written & recorded by Marlon Cairenius.

November 28, 2007

Messiah (mode11)

The Messiah album is now 10 years old. -WoW!!!

(1) Problems (2) Messiah (3) Zain Town (4) Lonely Soul (5) More Voices
(6) Electric Heart

Written & recorded by R.h.oZ.

November 15, 2007

Steal This Film (part 1)


Runtime: 32 mins

In 2006, a group of friends decided to make a film about filesharing that we would recognise.

There have been a few documentaries by 'old media' crews who don't understand the net and see peer-to-peer organisation as a threat to their livelihoods. They have no reason to represent the filesharing movement positively, and no capacity to represent it lucidly.

Genre: Documentary

Producer: The League Of Noble Peers

Click here to view or to download this film.

More information can be found at

November 14, 2007

News, updates & blah blah blah

Welcome to the world's biggest and only website devoted to the brilliant Canadian Musical Projects of R.h.oZ.
Okay, maybe this website isn't all that big and the Music isn't so brilliant but it's here just the same.
To those of you involved in the recording of this Musical Experiment, this site is dedicated to you.
This was posted January 5, 2007 which was almost a year ago.

Now - November 14, 2007.
I been getting alot of e-mails from you all and I wanted to say thank you. Also, I thought it would be a good idea to answer a few questions.

(Q) R.h.oZ are you going to release anything NEW?

(A) Absolutely! I should have some new stuff in 2008.

(Q) What's with all the remixes?

(A) It's FUN!!! Also it allows me to play around with different genres of music.

(Q) Are you going to do any live shows?

(A) I might play a few shows in 2008 but it's still up in the air right now.

(Q) R.h.oZ do you want some Viagra? (this one is for the spammers)

(A) No Thanks! My Dick still works.

Anyways, keep those e-mails coming...

oVer&outThere -R.h.oZ

November 9, 2007

Soundscape Fusion

Static Album

Static (mode-1)

This classic Soundscape Fusion album from the Mode Series was reworked back in 1995 then extended in 1996 for the mode project.

The source material used for this project consists of the 1990 cassette release of "Static" by the Static Dub Junkies A.K.A. Soundscape Fusion
(side-1) with samples from various R.h.oZ demo's and other unknown sources. Additional sound bits and bleeps were recorded by or of R.h.oZ, Marlon Cairenius and Fiona A.K.A. Catwoman.

(1) Static Dub Junkie (2) Static (3) A Static Collage (4) Static Beats

(5) Static 2 (6) Static & Hiss (7) Static 3 (8) Static & Hiss 2 (9) Static 4

(10) Static Beats 2 (11) Static 5 (12) Static Beats 3 (13) Static Beats 4

November 7, 2007

2 Remixes

Tracks 143 & 144

Music Ruined Video Games (Shael Riley Vs. R.h.oZ) - is from Remix Fight! #58 & Blood Music (interlude) By "Parker Street Cinema" remixed by R.h.oZ was made for Remix Fight! #59.

October 28, 2007

Electroniek symphoniek

Album Cover

Electroniek symphoniek - is now Complete and free to download

Just click Here to get this and many more Mp3's for free @

October 17, 2007

This Weeks Track

Track #142

This weeks musical post is Video Warrior which was recorded back in 1999.

October 16, 2007

Only A Few Days Late

Track #141

I know It's a little late but here's last weeks musical post. This one is called Touch Down which was recorded back in 2001.

October 4, 2007

A Moment To Ponder

Track #140

This weeks musical post is A Moment To Ponder which was written back in 1997.

September 30, 2007

Down The Conveyor Belt

Album Cover

Track #139

Processing Unit is from the UN-Series Album Down The Conveyor Belt by Soundscape Fusion.

September 22, 2007

For The Love of Static (UN12)

Album Cover

Tracks #135-138 : I Love IT, A word from Stroking Tom, Victims of the plastic Bumblebee & Brain damage are from the UN-Series version of For The Love Of Static by Soundscape Fusion.

This version was recorded in 1996-98 and later released Oct. 1, 1998.

September 19, 2007

Tomek's Ear Condition

Album Cover

Tomek's Ear Condition is a radio show which airs live on the 2nd and 4th friday of every month at 7.00 PM (CET) (for those of you in Ontario thats 1.00 PM EDT) on Querfunk which transmits on 104.8 MHz in Karlsruhe, Germany. For those of you that don't reside in Karlsruhe, Germany they also stream live over the internet @ Check it out!

I would also like to thank Tomek's Ear Condition for playing my remix of We're Not Afraid by the Redundant Rocker.

September 13, 2007

Move that BluBBaH

Album Cover

Track #134  -  Jump Up & Down

Hit the "Jump Up & Down" Link and check out the Cover Marlon Made of "Jump Up & Down."

Thanks Marlon :-)

September 9, 2007

Tracks #132 & 133

2 Calendar Song mixes...
The Anunnaki Mix & The Cheese Grinder

September 7, 2007

Soundscape Fusion

Here are 2 classic Soundscape Fusion albums from the Mode Series.


For The Love of Static (mode12)
For The Love of Static was released Dec. 20 1997.

(1) Messiah (2) More Voices (3) Jump up & Down (4) Now Your Free (5) Unknown
(6) Motif (7) Help Me (8) Rest Assured

Written & recorded by R.h.oZ with the exception of track (5) Unknown which was written & recorded by Marlon Cairenius.

Messiah (mode11)

Messiah was released Nov. 28 1997.

(1) Problems (2) Messiah (3) Zain Town (4) Lonely Soul (5) More Voices
(6) Electric Heart

Written & recorded by R.h.oZ.

September 5, 2007

Mashed Potato #4

Track #129

"Mashed Potato #4" is a mashup which consists of Material from all over the place. This recording was recorded back in 1998.

September 4, 2007


Track #128

"Virus" was recorded back in 2000.

September 3, 2007

Mashed Potato #5 (Static Vision)

Track #127

"Mashed Potato #5" is a mashup which consists of Material from all over the place. This recording was recorded back in 1998.

August 31, 2007

Mashed Potato #8

Track #126

"Mashed Potato #8" is a mashup which consists of Material from all over the place. This recording was recorded back in January 2007.

August 30, 2007

Track #124 & 125

Track #124

"Mashed Potato #6" is a mashup which consists of Material from all over the place. This recording was recorded back in 1999.

Track #125

"Xenomorphic" was recorded back in 1999.

August 29, 2007

Mashed Potato #7

Track #123

"Mashed Potato #7" is a mashup which consists of Blind Mime, R.h.oZ, Beastie Boys, Fatal Erections & The Static Dub Junkies. This recording was made for Remix Fight #50 back in December of 2006.

August 28, 2007

The Art of Blowing Bubbles

Track #122

"The Art of Blowing Bubbles" was recorded back in 2000.

August 27, 2007

2 More

Tracks #120 & 121

"Down in the park" was recorded back in 1999 and "Farewell Dance 2" was recorded back in 2000.

Info about Tracks #111 to 114

Ana (Can't be your Superman) is a mashup of "Vieux Farka Toure" vs. "Eminem" which was recorded for Remix Fight #57. Journey to nowhere is from the "Soundscape Fusion" album "Journey To Nowhere" released back in 2001. Rest Assured (Electro Instrumental) recorded back in 1998, A New Voyage is from the "Soundscape Fusion" album "Journey To Nowhere" released back in 2001, We're Not Afraid (a remix of a remix) is a mashup of The Beastie Boys Vs. The Redundant Rocker which was recorded for Remix Fight #52 and Check it out (the basement mix) is a remix of the Beastie Boys which was made for Remix Fight #61.

August 26, 2007


Track #119

"Forehead" was recorded back in 1998 for the Antenna shows.

This recording contains a sample from the 1989 recording of Say Doc.

August 22, 2007

A New Look

Well here it is, the new look that is and for those of you that are new to this website. Welcome to the News, updates and blah blah blah area of this webpage In this area you will find information about current musical projects and other rubbish I feel fit to post here.


August 20, 2007

Tracks 117 & 118

You will find 2 new tracks/songs here @ "Nebula" and "Dinner Music For The Weird"


August 19, 2007

Remix Fight #61

You will find a new Remix from me @ so check it out and vote for your favorite mix.

August 2, 2007

Two More

Hello Everyone :-)

You will find Ana (Can't be your Superman) & Journey to nowhere in the music section.


July 20, 2007

Tracks #106-110

Here's the track info.

-T#0106 - Old Boys - was recorded in 1998.

-T#0107 - Na No - was recorded in 2003.

-T#0108 - Void - was recorded in 1998.

-T#0109 - Me, I'm Not (Coppertone A) - The original version is by Nine Inch Nails I made this remix or version for Remix Fight #60 back in June of 2007. The source files I used for this mix consists of Music or tracks From various Nine Inch Nails Songs.
These are the other NIN songs I mixed with Me, I'm Not. -The hand that feeds, Only (R.h.oZ Remix), Survivalism, The beginning of the end, vessel, capital g, my violent heart and god given.
The other source files used in this mix consists of a few originals by R.h.oZ. The tracks used are -Realization, Na No and Void.

-T#0110 - Me, I'm Not (Coppertone B) - is a remix of Me, I'm Not (Coppertone A) with a few new Guitar tracks by R.h.oZ.

To listen and download these tracks go to the music section of this site...

July 19, 2007

New Tracks

We have a few new tracks in the music section.



July 17, 2007

Tracks #101-105

Here's 5 more tracks.

-T#0101 - Land of the open Hand - was recorded in 1997.

-T#0102 - Slobbish - was recorded in 1990 and was remixed in 1998.

-T#0103 - A Flower for Mina - is from the "Soundscape Fusion" album "Journey To Nowhere" released back in 2001.

-T#0104 - Get the Gun (demo) - was recorded in 2003.

-T#0105 - Synthetic Protoplasm 3 - is from the "Soundscape Fusion" album "Journey To Nowhere" released back in 2001.

To listen and download these tracks go to the music section of this site...

July 13, 2007

Tracks #96-100

Here's a few more tracks.

-T#0096 - Happy Face - was recorded in 1994.

-T#0097 - Goodbye my love - was recorded in 2000.

-T#0098 - Psycho Clown - The original demo was recorded in 1991. This version was recorded in 1992

-T#0099 - Video Games 2 - The original demo was recorded in 1988. This version/remix was recorded back in 1999

-T#0100 - Out For Lunch - was recorded in 2001 for the "Soundscape Fusion" album Fragmentality.

To listen and download these tracks go to the music section of this site...

July 9, 2007

Tracks #91-95

Here's some more music for you all.

-T#0091 - The Kangaroo Song ( R.h.oZ mix) - The original version is by Tim Herlihy -this remix was made for a party back in 2000.

-T#0092 - That Was The Day - was recorded in 1995.

-T#0093 - Blind By Your Beauty - was recorded in 1994.

-T#0094 - A Flower For the Tears - was recorded in 2002 for the "Soundscape Fusion" album Fragmentality.

-T#0095 - Insomniac - was recorded in 1992.

To listen and download these tracks go to the music section of this site...

July 5, 2007

Tracks #81-90

Here's this weeks musical post.

-T#0081 - Shit! Shit! Shit! (Metal) - This track was recorded in 1993 with additional voices from Simon & Rayanne.

-T#0082 - The Demon Bird - was recorded in 1985 as a joke. -the Demon Bird sample that is...

-T#0083 - My Baby - is a remix which was recorded for a house party back in 1998 as a joke. The original version is by Blowfly which is a Parody of "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" by B.J. Thomas.

-T#0084 - Pig (sample) - This is a sample of a recording which was recorded back in 1982

-T#0085 - Don't fake it ( part 1 ) - The original demo was part of the Black Book Recordings. -This version was recorded in 1999 with source from the original which was recorded in 1982 to help save the original idea.

-T#0086 - Digital Monster Junkie (part 3) - This version/part was recorded in 2002 for the "Soundscape Fusion" album Fragmentality.

-T#0087 - Zain Town (Instrumental) - was recorded in 1995.

-T#0088 - Oil 4 Blood (demo) - This track was recorded in 2006 and later mixed with "Monstrosity Blues" by Marlon Cairenius.

-T#0089 - I am the Antenna - Was Recorded in 1998 for the Antenna shows.

-T#0090 - Sound Kitchen (demo #2) - This demo was recorded in 2005.

To listen and download these tracks go to the music section of this site...

July 4, 2007

Tracks #76-80

Here's a few more Tracks for you to enjoy or hate. I had something else in mind for this post but decided to post these after I got a e-mail from a friend.

I will be posting tracks #81-90 tomorrow.

-T#0076 - Sorry - This track was recorded way back in 1987.

-T#0077 - Fat Thing (Edit) - was recorded in 1992 and later remixed/recut in 1994 for the 1994 cassette release of "Fat Thing" by the Fatal Erections.

-T#0078 - Jab-ba (Edit) - was recorded in 1991 and later remixed/recut in 1994 for the 1994 cassette release of "Fat Thing" by the Fatal Erections.

-T#0079 - Legalize It - was recorded back in 1993.

-T#0080 - Jump up & Down - was recorded back in 1997 for fun.

To listen and download these tracks go to the music section of this site...

June 29, 2007

Tracks #71-75

Here are this weeks Tracks.

T#0071 - 51 is the new 49 - This song was recorded with LoRa in May of 2006 as a joke for LoRa's Dad...

T#0072 - Moo Moo Cow Bleep - This Sample was recorded in 1991 with a SK1 Keyboard.

T#0073 - Sociopath - was recorded in 2000.

T#0074 - Help Me - was recorded back in 1997.

T#0075 - Dilruba (The extended mix) - The original version is by Ajai. I made this remix for Remix Fight #49 back in November of 2006.

To listen and download these tracks go to the music section of this site...

June 28, 2007

Remix Fight #60

You will find a new Remix from me @ so check it out and vote for your favorite mix.

June 19, 2007

Tracks #61-70

Here are this weeks Tracks.

T#0061 - Digital Monster Junkie (part 2) - is from the "Soundscape Fusion" album "Journey To Nowhere" released back in 2001.

T#0062 - Soundscape Fusion 18a - This recording of Mina was recorded in 2001 for the "Soundscape Fusion" album "Fragmentality".

T#0063 - Soundscape Fusion 18b - was recorded in 2001 for the "Soundscape Fusion" album "Fragmentality".

T#0064 - Realization - was recorded back in 1998.

T#0065 - March of the War Pig - was recorded live with Marlon Cairenius on key's back in 1995 for a audience of one. -Happy Birthday :-)

T#0066 - Synthetic Protoplasm 2 - is from the "Soundscape Fusion" album "Journey To Nowhere" released back in 2001.

T#0067 - Problems - This recording was recorded in 1997.

T#0068 - PooMan (sample) - Here's a sample of a song from 1983 That I Re-recorded back in 1999.

T#0069 - Lost In Space - This recording was recorded in 1998.

T#0070 - The Voyage Continues - is from the "Soundscape Fusion" album "Journey To Nowhere" released back in 2001.

To listen and download these tracks go to the music section of this site...

June 15, 2007

Tracks #51-60

Here are this weeks Tracks.

T#0051 - Rhymes With Lucia ( R.h.oZ Mix ) - The original version is by <3. I made this remix for Remix Fight #47 back in September of 2006.

T#0052 - Stringing Away Revisited (demo) - This is the first demo I made for the Robberriff Remix Contest back in 2006.

T#0053 - Soundscape Fusion 17 - is from the "Soundscape Fusion" album "Journey To Nowhere" released back in 2001.

T#0054 - Sound Kitchen (demo) - was recorded back in 2004 in my kitchen.

T#0055 - Is this love - was recorded back in 2001 with Mina.

T#0056 - 9,0,12,15,22,5,0,25,15,21 - is from the "Soundscape Fusion" album "Journey To Nowhere" released back in 2001.

T#0057 - 8 Bit Power - This recording was recorded in 1995 at Marlon's Place.

T#0058 - Landscape - was recorded in 1998

T#0059 - Sailing away - This recording was recorded in 1997 with Marlon and a glass of water.

T#0060 - Digital Monster Junkie (part 1) - is from the "Soundscape Fusion" album "Journey To Nowhere" released back in 2001.

To listen and download these tracks go to the music section of this site...

June 5, 2007

Tracks #40-50

Here are this weeks Tracks.

T#0040 - Mixing Magic 2 - The original track was recorded back in 1989. This version was remixed in 1999 using the original source.

T#0041 - A Day In The Life Of Joe - This song was written and recorded by Nuke & I back in 1992.

T#0042 - Can you Imagine - was recorded back in 1995.

T#0043 - Fade away ( Demo ) - was recorded back in 1991.

T#0044 - Soundscape Fusion 14 - was recorded back in 1999.

T#0045 - Electronic 9 - This recording was recorded in 1999.

T#0046 - Soundscape Fusion 15 - This recording was recorded in 2000.

T#0047 - Synthetic Protoplasm - This cool track was recorded back in 1999.

T#0048 - Soundscape Fusion 16 - This recording was recorded in 2001.

T#0049 - I like to think of Angels - was recorded back in 1998.

T#0050 - Repulsive ( Into The Void ) - The original version was written and recorded by Rave and I in 1994 with Maranda on Vocals.

To listen and download these tracks go to the music section of this site...

May 29, 2007

Tracks #34-39

Here are this weeks Tracks.

T#0034 - Lonely Soul - was recorded back in 1997.

T#0035 - Great Friends - was written back in 1995 in Heather's Basement with Marlon Cairenius on the drums. This recording was made a few months later with a drum machine during a jam session.

T#0036 - Voices ( 2003 ) - This short version was recorded back in 2003.

T#0037 - Take me now - was recorded back in 1998 for the 2nd pressing of "For The Love Of Static" by Soundscape Fusion.

T#0038 - Something Wonderful - This recording was recorded in 1999 and later released on the Soundscape Fusion album "Journey To Nowhere" in 2001.

T#0039 - The Gentle Breeze - This recording was recorded in 2000.

To listen and download these tracks go to the music section of this site...

May 24, 2007

Tracks #29-33

T#0029 - Freedom - was recorded back in 2000

T#0030 - Stairway to the Funeral Parler - was recorded back in 1994 for the 1995 cassette release of "Stairway to the Funeral Parler" by Mobile Depression.

T#0031 - The Traveling Man ( remix ) - This short remix was recorded in London back in 1996.

T#0032 - The Meat Grinder - was recorded back in 1994.

T#0033 - Intermission - This recording was recorded in 1997 for fun.

May 23, 2007

Tracks #23-28

T#0023 - Suicidal Squirrel (Killer Squirrel) - The original version is by Autoworker. I made this remix for Remix Fight #48 back in October of 2006.

T#0024 - Dreamer - was recorded back in 1998.

T#0025 - Bleep (sample) - This song/sample was recorded live at the first Mime Light Party in Toronto back in 1998.

T#0026 - Final Loop - was recorded back in 1998 as a endless loop which I would play at the end of my Shows. (The Record is 43 Min.)

T#0027 - Mashed Potato #9 - This recording was recorded in January 2007 for Remix Fight #51. The source files I used for this mash/mix consists of a cappella From "Alors Qu'dehors La Ville Vibre" by Boogat, "Digital Monster Junkie ( part 3 )" by Soundscape Fusion, "What The Fuck" a sample by Madonna, a untitled demo by R.h.oZ and the Mr. Clean jingle.

T#0028 - Mating Ritual - Was Recorded in 1998 for the Antenna shows.

May 16, 2007

Tracks #17-22

T#0017 - I didn't mean to hurt you - was recorded back in 1994.

T#0018 - Into The Light - This song was written and recorded by Simon & I back in 1995.

T#0019 - Taste Like Chicken - This song was written in March then later recorded in June 2004 of the same year. On Augaust 5, 2006 I finished it (well This version anyways) and now the Fatal Erections are back.

T#0020 - Beat Flute - was recorded back in 1997.

T#0021 - Tonight - This song was written & recorded in Oct. of 1997.

T#0022 - Sensualist - Was Recorded in 2000.

May 15, 2007

Tracks #11-16

T#0011 - Welcome to Limbo - is from the "Soundscape Fusion" album "Journey To Nowhere" released back in 2001.

T#0012 - Stringing Away (Remix) - Robberriff vs. helio was submitted to the Robberriff Remix Contest in August 2006.

T#0013 - We're Not Afraid (Mashup) - The Beastie Boys Vs. The Redundant Rocker was submitted to The Redundant Rocker Remix Contest in December 2006.

T#0014 - Mashed Potato #10 - This recording was recorded in February 2007 for Remix Fight #53. The source files I used for this mash/mix consists of Music From "Metaphysical Nightmare" by F-hilo, "Spaced Out ( Demo )" by R.h.oZ, "Farewell Dance (2000) (Sample)" by Mobile Depression, Samples from The "Journey To Nowhere" album by Soundscape Fusion, The Mr. Clean jingle, a new Drum Track by R.h.oZ and many more samples from other R.h.oZ projects.

T#0015 - don't fake it (part 2) - The original demo was part of the Black Book Recordings. -This version was recorded in 1999 with source from the original.

T#0016 - Spaced Out (Demo) - was recorded on the same night as "51 Is The New 49" back in May of 2006. In fact it's a rewrite of "Darkness In The Light"

May 14, 2007

Tracks #1-10

T#0001 - Mashed Potato #11 - This recording was made April 24, 2007 as a test/demo mix for Remix Fight #57. The source files I used for this short mix consists of Music From "Whats the Difference" by "Dr. Dre, "Sing For The Moment" by Eminem, "Unite" by the Beastie Boys & a untitled demo by R.h.oZ.

T#0002 - Twilight Zone (Hwy 420) - This was something I recorded back in May of 2006. After watching nothing but Twilight Zone for a few weeks. Funny, I must of watched 60+ Episodes.

T#0003 - Only (R.h.oZ Remix) - This is my remix of Nine Inch Nails "Only" which I submitted to the 102.1 (The Edge) Remix Contest back in 2005.

T#0004 - Darkness In The Light (Part 1) - Was recorded back in Oct of 2005 for the "Rock Lord" video.

T#0005 - Darkness In The Light (Part 2) - Was recorded back in Oct of 2005 for the "Rock Lord" video.

T#0006 - Ophelia's Song (Extended Mix) - The original version is by Musetta. I made this remix for Remix Fight #56 back in April of 2007.

T#0007 - On the edge of Limbo - is from the "Soundscape Fusion" album "Journey To Nowhere" released back in 2001.

T#0008 - Soundscape Fusion 22 - is the 1st track from the new "Soundscape Fusion" album "The Magic Time Traveling Bag" -Coming Soon

T#0009 - Smoking (interlude) - The original version is a spoken word piece by Clutter with Ann Wilson. The source came from the resting bench remix project -I made this mix back in March of 2007 for Remix Fight #55.

T#0010 - This Must Be Love - Here's a Cool "Soundscape Fusion" track I recorded back in Oct. of 2001 with a few sounds from Mina.

May 11, 2007

Canada Hit With Ban

Citing a failure by the government of Canada to make illegal the recording of movies directly from the screen by camcorder, the studio will not issue advance screenings of such audience pleasers like "Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix" and "Ocean's 13." The ban will not affect press screenings.

The CEO of Cineplex Entertainment said illegal recording is a big concern because once a movie is bootlegged in a theatre, it then becomes accessible via the Internet.

"The technology has changed but the copyright laws in Canada haven't kept pace with it," Ellis Jacob told CTV Newsnet in Toronto on Tuesday.

Jacob said Canada's copyright laws should be updated to get in line with those of other countries: "where it would be a criminal offence for somebody caught (recording) in a theatre, which would include both fines plus jail time."

Some reports say pirated movies are costing Hollywood studios more than US$6 billion each year. Earlier this year Twentieth Century Fox investigators claimed that at one point in 2006, almost half of all illegal movies originated from theatrical recording.

"In most cases, they're copies where you can see (audience members) standing up through the movie," said Jacob in an earlier interview.

"As the cameras get better and more sophisticated, the quality improves dramatically."

Technology exists to accurately determine which theatre pirated films were recorded in, and analysts say up to a quarter of illegally copied films originate from Canada.

"In the last three years we've created the technology that puts a watermark on every movie print that's sent out of Hollywood," Douglas Frith, of the Canadian Motion Pictures Distributors Association, told CTV's Mike Duffy Live.

"So when you find a pirated version anywhere on the Internet, from that watermark we can determine where it was camcorded. And for 20 to 25 per cent of the cases worldwide in 2005, it was camcorded in Canada. That number, compared to the size of our population, is astronomical."

Filming inside a theatre is not a criminal offence in Canada, and theatre owners are lobbying Ottawa to bring in tougher laws to combat the practice.

"We're pushing to have a Criminal Code amendment so that if you're caught camcording in the theatre, it's a criminal offence," said Frith.

"That's essentially what we need to do to begin to even put a dent in camcording and piracy in Canada."

Heritage Minister Bev Oda released a statement Monday, saying she is currently working on a plan to tackle piracy in Canada.

"Our government is aware of the problem of piracy and the role of camcording in contributing to that problem," she said.

"We are committed to protect the work of creators and take this issue seriously. I am currently working with my colleague, the minister of justice, on measures to address this issue."

Jacob says the same issue existed in the United States until laws in close to 40 states were amended to make film pirating a criminal offence.

"It pretty well eliminated piracy in the U.S.," he says.

Frith notes that the real target of the laws would be organized criminals.

"We're not looking at the individuals who go in for fun to camcord a film in a theatre. It's organized crime. People are going in, they get paid between $5,000 to $7,000 for a very good copy of a film."

Michael Geist, Canada Research Chair of Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa had a different take on the matter. He suggested that "knee-jerk legislation" based on "unverified and inconsistent data" is not a wise move, "given that since legislation, making recording a movie an infringement already exists."

According to Geist, there is a lack of consistency amongst the various studios and their respective lobbies in the figures they cite as Canada's contribution to the problem. "In the past few months they have cited 20 per cent, 40 per cent, 50 per cent and now 70 per cent, none of which are based on independent, audited studies," he said.

Finally, Geist pointed out we must also remember there were claims circulating that "Spider-Man 3" was available on the streets of Beijing a full two weeks before its release, yet it still set box office records.

Here's my 2 cents!!! I think the folks at the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) took "South Park The Movie" to seriously.

As for Spiderman 3...I don't know anything about the streets of Beijing but I do know Spiderman 3 has been available on the net for a few weeks now.

May 1, 2007

Welcome To

Welcome to the new home of R.h.oZ and Soundscape Fusion. Currently this website is under construction but we hope to have it up and running in a few days.

Thanks for stopping by.

March 28, 2007


Just in case you didn't know, here's the scoop...
Electronic Arts Inc. announced it has entered into a joint venture with Nettwerk One Music to form the new full-service music company, Artwerk. The groundbreaking initiative brings together Nettwerk's management, publishing and digital delivery expertise with the global marketing power made of EA's blockbuster games. The Artwerk label will sign and develop both new and established artists for publishing, master recording and sync deals, as well as digital and physical distribution. The Los Angeles-based label will be actively pursuing talent in all parts of the world.

"For the past five years, EA has been instrumental in breaking new artists, but we have been limited in our ability to grow them. With Artwerk, we can now directly sign, develop and launch artists for publishing, master recordings, sync deals and beyond," said Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music and Marketing at EA. With Nettwerk, we are once again partnered with the most visionary team in the industry.

Terry McBride, CEO of Nettwerk added, "EA has emerged as a powerful publishing vehicle for emerging artists with an A&R department that draws submissions from around the globe. It is time for the music industry to shake things up, break out new bands and find new ways to expose them on a global scale. Artwerk is music 2.0. It is where music, games and digital entertainment merge."


About Electronic Arts Electronic Arts Inc. (EA), headquartered in Redwood City, California, is the world's leading interactive entertainment software company. Founded in 1982, the company develops, publishes, and distributes interactive software worldwide for videogame systems, personal computers, cellular handsets and the Internet. Electronic Arts markets its products under four brand names: EA SPORTSTM, EATM, EA SPORTS BIGTM and POGOTM. In fiscal 2006, EA posted revenue of $2.95 billion and had 27 titles that sold more than one million copies. EA's homepage and online game site is More information about EA's products and full text of press releases can be found on the Internet at

Electronic Arts, EA, EA SPORTS, EA SPORTS BIG, POGO and Need for Speed are trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. John Madden and NFL are trademarks of their respective owners and used with permission. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

About Nettwerk Nettwerk Music Group is Canada's leading privately owned record label and artist management company, responsible for managing some of North America's biggest artists like Sarah McLachlan, Avril Lavigne and many others. Nettwerk has several offices located around the world including New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Nashville and London; with the main in Vancouver, B.C.

To submit music to Artwerk for consideration.

mail your demo to :

Artwerk Music Submission
Electronic Arts
5510 Lincoln Boulevard
Playa Vista, CA. 90094

To submit music to Nettwerk Songs Publishing.

mail your demo to :

Nettwerk Songs Publishing
att'n: Demo submissions
1650 West 2nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6J 4R3

-Good Luck!



March 15, 2007

BNL on digital music

According to Robertson, Barenaked Ladies also embraces new technology to benefit their fans.

Need proof? The band records all of their concerts and sells them on USB drives after the show.

'What they get is a version of the show with no copy protection whatsoever -- they can do with it as they will -- they can burn 100 copies of it if they want, they can listen to it in their car, whatever.'

So, you're not concerned about piracy? Answers Robertson: 'People should be rewarded for buying music not punished for it; when I buy a CD I want to be able to load it into my iTunes library and make a mix CD for a friend or make a copy for the car or my cottage.' 'I don't go for this 'if I buy it, I only get to listen to it 3 times'.'

Page mirrors Robertson's sentiment: 'I think non-DRM [digital rights management] is really important to future of our business, not to restrict people' explains Page. 'The mistakes we're making right now is that we're trying to direct and control how people use music and I think that's pushing people away...'

'Sharing is a big part of music, its how you grow a fan to get a taste of music and engage with it' Page adds.

Robertson and Page were asked if the iTunes model works or not. 'On one hand, iTunes gets it right by offering a ton of exclusive content with artist involvement and fan involvement' begins Robertson. 'But there's still not enough choice, prices are still too high and I'd like to see higher quality downloads, though it's likely a bandwidth issue.' Robertson says the Barenaked Ladies offers 'lossless'-quality FLAC digital downloads from its Web site.

Page agrees $0.99 cents a song is too much. 'I think $0.20 to $0.25 cents [per song] is reasonable, but it's the wrong way to look at it.' 'Take a look at what people are doing: using P2P services to download everything from an artist and then deciding which ones to keep' explains Page.

'So, charging each song as an individual transaction is the wrong way to look at it - instead we should be monetizing music at the point of entry to the Internet, so if it's already on there, it's legal, and you can take what you want - then track what's being taken and shared, and have a Nielson survey on what people are emailing, IM-ing or downloading' says Page.

March 12, 2007

A Funny Story

LoRa sent me this joke a few days ago...

A stranger was seated next to a little girl on an airplane. The stranger turned to her and said, "Let's talk. I've heard that flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger." The little girl, who had just opened her book, closed it slowly and said to the stranger, "What would you like to talk about?" "Oh, I don't know," said the stranger. "-how about nuclear power?" "OK." she said. "That could be an interesting topic. But let me ask you a question first; A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat grass-the same stuff. Yet a deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty, and a horse produces clumps of dried grass. Why do you suppose that is?" The stranger thinks about it and says, "Hmmm, I have no idea."

"Do you actually feel qualified to discuss nuclear power, when you don't know shit?" says the girl as she goes back to reading her book.

February 20, 2007


The new wave of legal action by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, or IFPI, encompasses 8,000 cases in 17 countries, including its first legal forays into South America and Eastern Europe.

The actions, a combination of criminal and civil suits, are aimed at "uploaders" - people who have put hundreds or thousands of copyrighted songs onto Internet file-sharing networks and offered them to millions of people worldwide without permission from the copyright owners.

The industry estimates that such illegal file-sharing has cost it billions of dollars in lost revenue.

The London-based IFPI, which represents 1,450 member record companies around the world, said many of the people targeted are the parents of children who have been illegally sharing music files.

The music industry has been criticized for targeting individual Internet users in its legal warfare against piracy instead of the Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, that host file-swapping sites.

The ISPs are harder to pursue legally because they can claim they have no knowledge of any piracy occurring on their networks, and IFPI Chairman John Kennedy made no apology Tuesday for the industry's approach.

"Around the world many people have already paid a heavy price for their illegal file-sharing," Kennedy said. "They all thought they were unlikely to be caught, but teachers, postal workers, IT managers, scientists and people in a host of other occupations, as well as parents, have ended up having to dig deeply into their pockets."

"There is no excuse," he added. "People should understand that they can be caught whatever network they are using."

The legal action was extended for the first time to Brazil, where the IFPI said more than one billion music tracks were illegally downloaded last year and where record company revenues have almost halved - to $395 million last year from $724.7 million in 2000. Mexico and Poland are also seeing lawsuits for the first time against illegal file-sharing.

The IFPI said more than 2,300 people have already been fined or paid compensation averaging just under US$3,100.

The countries included in the new wave of lawsuits include Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Singapore and Switzerland.

The IFPI said it targeted uploaders using all the major unauthorized peer-to-peer services, including BitTorrent, eDonkey, DirectConnect, Gnutella, Limewire, SoulSeek and WinMX.

It added that it was heartened by a series of court judgments around the world in recent months that it said establishes the liability of P2P operators for infringement that they facilitate or promote and from which they benefit.

Wow...I don't know what to say about this!!!

I do have 1 question, How do they come up with billions of dollars in lost revenue?
Just because I might buy a Rolex Knockoff that doesn't mean I would buy the real thing.

- R.h.oZ

February 16, 2007

Canada on U.S. blacklist

A powerful coalition of U.S. software, movie and music producers wants the administration of U.S. President George W. Bush to put Canada on a blacklist of intellectual property villains.

Canada is one of 16 countries on the "priority watch list" of the International Intellectual Property Alliance.

The IIPA represents such companies as Microsoft, Apple and Paramount Pictures, and makes an annual report to the U.S. Congress on copyright piracy and market access problems around the world.

Canada has failed to deliver on a promised overhaul of copyright laws and a crackdown of piracy offences, the IIPA says.

The lobby group accuses Canada of becoming a leading exporter of bootleg movies and pirated software.

It estimates losses of $551 million US in Canada in 2006 on business software alone.

Russia and China remain at the top of the IIPA's blacklist because of rampant piracy of U.S.-made software, music and films.

Canada joins the likes of Argentina, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, India, Israel, Mexico and Turkey on the priority watch list.

"In 2007, IIPA is asking the U.S. government to bring greater pressure to bear and employ new tools to improve enforcement systems in most of the countries on these lists," the IIPA's Eric Smith said in a release.

A copyright act drafted by the previous Liberal administration died without being passed and the Conservative government has yet to put forward a draft of new copyright legislation.

Heritage Minister Bev Oda is being pressured by the entertainment industry and independent artists to update the legislation.

The Copyright Legislation should be left alone...

Isn't this just fucked! How Much Money is enough? The Copyright Legislation should be left alone.

I can only speak for myself but I know I'm not alone here. 1st off lets talk about music - From 1993 to 2001 I bought about 30 to 80 CD's a year from music stores.(HMV,FUTURE SHOP,MUSIC WORLD & Many More) From 2002 to present I bought about 1 to 3 CD's a year from those same stores.

Now the first thing the entertainment industry would say is this - That's because I'm illegally downloading my music and they would be Wrong! I do download a lot of music but the music I download are licensed under the Creative Commons Music Sharing License or are in the Public domain.

I still buy about 30 CD's a year just not from the same places! I mostly get them from the artist themselves at Concerts or I get them Used. (In Many Cases The Artist or Band have given me a copy of there album For Free)

2nd lets talk about Movies...What's with all The fucking Remakes? If you want people to pay to see a movie then make better movies. I now watch mostly independently produced Films because I, like so many others want to see something different.

And now for software... How do I put this? Would you buy a car without driving it first? I didn't think so! I live by a simple rule, if it works then why change it. How many times do you expect me to buy the same program? My software might be out-dated but it works. Just because it's a new version doesn't make it better. The truth is you can find a freeware program that can do the job as well or sometimes better then the programs these companies are trying to sell. The real question I have is this! The Auto Industry have lost millions in shrinking sales - is it because of Knockoffs?

That's what I thought!

oVer&outThere - R.h.oZ

February 13, 2007

Marlon Cairenius - Echo

Coming Soon...

Marlon Talks About The Beginning...

I was a lone man at the beginning of my high school years (year 1993). Scared stupid of violence that my mind drew of the myths of being initiated by the older school folk, as the year went by, I relocated to a different school. At first it was tv, sleep, learn, tv, sleep and learn at school. I met some people, I talked more often in those days compared to my usual self at that time. Before that even younger, my brother and I owned a small casio keyboard that we shared, he played it more than me but at the time I was more interested in the technology, though my music teacher was impressed and thought I had some talent. Which I didn't even know I had playing the xylophone..

When one mighty afternoon in 1993 after school on the bus I met Helio (Aka..R.h.oZ) who delightfully placed headphones on my ears, I listened and liked what heard. I asked Helio a few questions and I was then hooked on the idea of self made music. Later R.h.oZ and I developed some music, it was all purely for fun but we had a serious outlook sometimes, guitar singing, computer assisted music and making fun of life. Work was always mandatory to me, I would have liked to have made more music though but all in all it was a good learning experience.

As years went by at our young ages it seemed to be appropriate to turn the sides of the coin. After a few years I had 9 cds of collected music that I later destroyed because of my candidly off set life, that remained questionable to how I wanted to live. Months later I was struck down by schizophrenia, wards and pills, till I was able to look after my self accordingly to this day.

Some of my older material may still remain and a few I know of But R.h.Oz's "Magic time traveling bag" Holds many memories of his and other lucky collaborators who have worked with him on the plain of music making. While all this went on I was exposed to other music talents that just blew my mind The Legendary Pink Dots, Skinny Puppy, Ministry but mostly R.h.oZ's collection of music that I enjoyed and many others I grew fond of. Which was all fun to hear and very appealing, the style or the inspiration or the ideas that yet remain today in my mind is still a perplexing motivation. Lately I have worked with my brother John on music recording, playing guitar, gone to the pop rock punk style a bit.

These day's I mostly make music at home, update my website and sell music online...


January 29, 2007

Remix Fight #51 (reviews)

Here's all the reviews for this Fight:

Review written by "Musicthing"

Kelvin - I was thinking 'OK, arty clicky Radiohead business', then it went superfunky and orchestral. Love it! So modern, so clever. Musicthing - yes, I know. Boring and lazy. Do I get a prize for being longest? Anglez - Great noises. Fourstones - Good noises, nice integration with the vocal, I tuned out a bit in the chorus. MC Jack - Again, great noises, and fantastic live bass - could we have had it before 60 secs in? Rhoz - First big smile! Wonderful! Feels like the laptop speakers aren't really doing it justice. DFF - Not sure what I can add to 'wobble wobble boom boom crash', or in my case 'tss tss tss tss tss' Futureboy - Shameless bid for the James Brown sympathy vote. I was waiting for something really cool to happen in the chorus, but my head started nodding in the second verse. Rinky Dink - Once the doublespeed drums came in in tne chorus it began to make sense - loads of hip hop gypsies jamming in a cellar in Nairobi. The wah guitar/piano (?) was even better. Credit - Probably the only one I'll be humming tomorrow... Really nice vibe.

Thank you everyone for inspiration and ideas.

My vote and iPod space is going to Kelvin.

Review written by "fourstones"

minus kelvin - of course the music is nothing short of brilliant, at first I didn't think the vocals didn't fit as well as they could but on 2nd and 3rd listen it became obvious that I was carrying around preconceived notions of the rap and when I let go of that -- well, it's fantastic.

musicthing - wow, that's really outstanding. you've a great understanding of song arrangement.

anglez - I think it's great you took some chances (e.g. panning the drums). The mix is a little on the dark side and missing some of the dynamic range of some of the other uploads.

mcjack - another wow. it doesn't have the technical sheen of kelvin's but it's got at least a much energy and a great final mix. There's a lot going on but it's not distracting at all.

rhoz - heh. well it's certainly clever enough. not much more to say here.

dfss - now that's the remixfight I remember lol. noisy raucous clever and out there

futureboy - sweet, very sexy groove(s)! really a great match for the vox. I really love this mix.

rinkydink - yea, this is really great, a totally cool arrangement. the mix could use a redo (it's a little muddy and it's hard to tell the instruments apart) but it's terribly cool. calling hollywood now...

credit - I love the harmonization on this one.

I really tried to be fair about it but my prejudices just took over in the end and it's one for kelvin.

Review written by "Future Boy"

Minus Kelvin - The orchestral stuff is just fucking wicked. It reminds me a bit of Acoustica, the chamber ensemble that did an album of Aphex Twin covers. Like fourstones, I found the rhythmic placement of the vocals a bit strange but it is clear that you put them exactly where you wanted them and once I let myself go with that, it's no problem, a fresh look at the rhythm, even.

Music Thing - Oh just listen to that sizzly "crash cymbal". Not a huge fan of the bongos, maybe they just need to be back a bit further. Partly it's just that they're in contrast with the more lo-fi sounds. It's interesting, there are lots of change-ups in this mix, but that repeating synth line makes it feel really static. The chords in the chorus help, though. The synth tweaking at the end is good, maybe you could have put some of that in earlier.

DJ Anglez - I like the bass sound. The drums hard left is a strange decision, especially without some kind of balancing percussion in the other side. At the very least, the bass over in the right could be a bit louder. I like the chords a lot. The vocals seem to drop out of sync sometimes, probably because you've placed them differently than in the orginal song, however, the fact that I don't know what they are saying makes it tolerable.

fourstones - The vibe of this mix is great, the drums really make it. The vocals seem to get a little out of control in the second rap (the one after the city callout), which I think is a consequence of how you've placed them rhythmically. I like how you use "peaceful, easy" as backing vox.

MC Jack in the Box - A bit different than your usual, which is cool. The slap bass sounds a bit sloppy, which takes me out of the mix. Also, not so keen on the organ, it seems to be totally undirected. The chorus is handled well, though.

R.h.oZ - I really love the spazzy, sped up vocals and the fact that they are kind of buried. It's almost like you only had access to a bad photocopy of the vocal track. The Mr. Clean thing at the end is bizarre, but I can dig.

DFF Sound system - I'm not entirely sure what to say about this. It is lo-fi and unrelenting, which is what you were going for, I think.

Future Boy - I really like the transition from DFF Sound System's mix to mine.

Rinkydink - The idea of this mix is really really awesome. I just wish the mix was more in my face. Everything seems to be kind of buried and there's almost no bass to speak of. The wah guitar is awesome.

Credit - Woo, another funky break. The bassline for this mix is great. I also like how you occassionally throw in a measure of tabla. The organ is handled pretty well, too.

Review written by "MC Jack in the Box"

Minus Kelvin
sweet arrangement with the strings. the play between the strings and the vocal cadences is very cool and well done. very unique and excellent production. it's like hip hop meets stravinski's rite of spring.

Music Thing
great beats and production. vocals are synched up nicely. the bleepy stuff is a nice accompaniment without being annoying, the rest of the backing mix is very strong.

DJ Angelz
personal bias against hard panning aside, production is good. nice effect on the bridge vocal section.

wow, great interpretation! infectious riff. again, nice effecting on the bridge vocal section. the claps and kick combo are money d00d.

MC Jack in the Box
c'est moi.

frenetic. fast paced is an understatement. a raver's delight. solid.

DFF Sound System
wow, the overlapping vocals make my head spin. backing mix is well done.

Future Boy
the godfather nod is a nice touch. just curious, are you playing rhodes accompaniment? it's very nicely done if you are. whole backing mix fits really nicely with the feel of the vocal track, and you've layered it flawlessly. all the nice little touches, the dynamics and breakdowns really make it top shelf.

holy crap, this is brilliant d00d. it's almost too perfect for this vocal track.

more very nice production. i like the way you built your own song arrangement rather than take the freestyle route. and you handle the vocals perfectly.

hey, this fight was all about some quality you guys. quality track to work with + quality group of artists = A game. well done.

in a very close fight, i gotta go with rinky.

Review written by "Rinkydink"

very hard to write these reviews, everyone was great but here goes:

Minus Kelvin - very soundtrack-like and european

Musicthing - nice & calm

DJ Anglez - gets off to good start but doesn't develop

Fourstones - man this is great, love that bass line

MC Jack - see FB review

Rhoz - good start then goes mental

DFF - good start then David Lynch takes over and doesn't let up, man yer nightmares must be scary

FB & MC Jack - these seem to me to be two parts to the same porn film sound track, FB your tune is the scene in the bar where they meet and make moves on each other, MC jack, your tune is the hallway/kitchen/bedroom/on the roof of the garage scenes where there's a lot of action

Rinky - thats me, i felt i needed to get back in here with something as i haven't contributed a remix in ages, but i left it to the last minutes, whole thing was about 2 hrs work before i was happy enough to send it in, there's a lot more i would have done to it if i'd started earlier but who cares

Credit - was grand until the vocals came in, i thought it should have been an instrumental (but it wouldn't have been a remix then) as the vocals didn't go too well with the bassline

so the vote went to the fourstones

January 27, 2007

Remix Fight #50 (reviews)

Here's all the reviews for this Fight:

Review written by "DFF Sound System"

Some words of nonsense..................

Courtney Rasp
Nice scratching, i really like all the little edits to the music, it keeps up the interest. You say it's only half finished, where else were you going with this, i think it works as it is.

Looks like everyone was into the piano! I think i would have liked to of heard more of the vocal in this, even if it was in the synthesised style of the intro. when the distortion come in at 0:47 or so it takes the track on a very different route. The piano after 1:14 reminds me of an arcade fire track (now theres an idea for a mash up). I wasn't into this the first time i heard it but like it more the more i hear it.

Tough mash up style. I'm into the wind up intro and the change over section. I'll be honest and say i don't know most of the other source material (searcing for static dub junkies just brings up the remixfight page!!). I'd like to have heard the vocals come back in after the drum/piano switch section, the fade out at the end just leaves me wanting to hear more,

Future boy
Solid as ever future boy. This brings the song to the fore. I'm loving the drums on this especially the DJ shadow style bit after 2mins or so. Loving the synths as well.


There was only one Review written for this fight!!!
One is Better then none...


- R.h.oZ

January 21, 2007

Remix Fight #49 (reviews)

Here's all the reviews for this Fight:

Review written by "Artemisstrong"

MCJ - This is a quite nice straightforward interpretation.

ART - What the fuck was I thinking?

UND - More Undesirable vocal-chopping vituosity. Ohh, sweet turntable-ism. This brings a whole lot of new energy to the song. Is this gonna' be on the soundtrack to M. Night Shyamalan's Indian Jones?

RHO - Hard to go wrong with those vocals. This is very by-the-numbers and very listenable. While there's no left-field surprise to intrigue me, I think I quite enjoy it in a guilty pleasure sort of way.

HIN - Love the Dr. Who-esque opening. I enjoy the channel effects, it kind of wraps the song around my head. A tip-top mix.

VAM - Jus' lemme turn down the volume here... A nice experiement, maybe I could try it on speakers like you said.

This one will be a tough-to-decide tossup between Hinc and UnD.

I'll probably go with Hinc on this one.

Review written by "DFF Sound System"

MC Jack in the Box
Makes it sound even more like "all together now "by the farm. Very dreamy, the vocal seems to drift a bit when compared with the drums but maybe that's just me.

Artemis Strong
This is so totally different. The first 25 seconds seem to suggest a different mix to the one that unfolds. I don't think this will be what Ajai is looking for. More of an overhaul than a remix and i mean that as a compliment.

Love the intro but then it's crazy scratching but not a lot else. I hate to say it but i'm not into this until the last minute (and the intro).

Now this is what Ajai was talking about, perfect for the style he was looking for. You've added just enough to make it different. Reminds me a bit of the fatboy slim mix of the mock turtles "can you dig it"

Heuristics Inc.
The vocals seem a bit out (but who am i to talk) and this distracted me from the rest of the mix. I'd love to hear an instrumental of this, maybe with just the gated chanting.

Fantastic Vamps
bring the destruction! Best played on a mile wide wall of giant speakers. This would be great to blast at all the weekend idiot house heads that seem to congregate around Chick-o-land on a friday night. The recovery section in the middle is great.


Review written by "R.h.oZ"

This was a hard one to vote on because there were elements in each track that I liked.

Ajai - Dilruba (Original)
This was a real treat to mix!

MC Jack In The Box ( The Ballywood Remix )
A very mellow atmosphere, warm and relaxing. Good stuff! (I Thought this was going to take it!)

Artemis Strong (Ajai vs. Leonard Cohen)
Cool Track! I felt your mix was the most original.

UnDesirable (DiscoSuperSitar)
This is another brave and original mix! Cool intro...This mix flows nicely.

DFF Sound System (journey of the enchanted heart edit)
I don't know about the first 2mins! I like the dnb sound of your other mixes alot more but at about 2mins into your mix it comes together and sound alot more of what I enjoyed about your other mixes. (Keep that bass coming!)

Heuristics Inc. (HInc Compassion Mix)
By Far your mix has the best intro...

Fantastic Vamps (Distorted Mix)
Heres another Brave Mix! A Mix in need of Ogre from Skinny Puppy on vocals...

Like I said before, this was a hard one to vote on...I later decided To Vote for what I thought to be the must Original mix. I Voted for Artemis Strong (Ajai vs. Leonard Cohen) but the Fantastic Vamps (Distorted Mix) was a close 2nd.

- R.h.oZ

January 20, 2007

Remix Fight #48 (reviews)

Here's all the reviews for this Fight:

Review written by "UnDesirable"

Thanks for all the remixes. They are great and I really enjoy listening to them.

SID k49 - Major bit crushing going on. I like the pounding of the kick drum. It had my car`stereo shaking.The drums at the end are cool along with the chime like sounds.

DFF Sound System - I like the added dialogue at the beginning. I'm a Star Trek fan, so thevoyager clip is cool. My daughter didn't recognize any of this as being from the original, so i had topoint out aspects of it to her.

R.h.oZ - Love the drums. I feel the drums are a weak part in the original song. You have a really good drum track going. the synth sound running throughout is cool. The ending is awesome. The added vocals are great. I wish that part would have gone on longer.

Heuristics Inc - Drums are big. The effect on the vocals are creepy. The watery sounding effect is interesting too.

Credit - The added sounds at the beginning seem to set a scene. The bouncy electronic vibe is great. This is another mix with good drums. The pad sound going on really adds to the atmosphere.

Review written by "HeuristicsInc"

rhoz - kinda bouncy. the breakdown is cool. oddly it gets a lot louder near the end... it's good to have that ramp-up in intensity, but the volume shouldn't change that much. cool one.

credit - an alarm? heh i like the nintendoesque sounds here. nice bassline. also, whaley sounds in the solo. good stuff.

dffss - coming out of the solo is the best part. building stuff up like nthat. like the heavy bassline. good ending.

sidk49 - whoa, bitcrush. short and to the point, pretty catchy, but too much distortion for me.

hinc - my entry. a mulch-out. i like the vocoder. the squirky noise is one of my own, sped up, but the rest is original song.

favorites: rhoz, credit, hinc. voting for credit! -bill

Review written by "DFF Sound System"

SID k49
This is the next step of evil fuzzyness. I like the way it ends faily normal sounding. Short and sweet.

Nice intro, makes you pay more attention to what's coming next. Liking the breakdown at 1:19. Works very well as an alt/extended mix. Not too sure about the fade out at the end.

Heuristics Inc.
I love the lollaping feel of this mix. It drifts direct to the brain without your ears noticing.

A very solid mix, cityscape electro stylee. One to get the ladies dancing the jerky dance.


Review written by "MC Jack in the Box"

dirty and de-constructed. but well constructed nonetheless. good length.

DFF sound system
interesting soundscape. the filtered breakdown section i especially liked. the squirrels are dancing the hari kari. nice rave track.

nice production. i like the deep sub-woofy bass treatment. great touches abound that just fatten and deepen the whole mix. terrific beats. good job. i can see this winning.
< br>heuristics, inc.
you'd get my vote if i had one. you deserve at least one. i like the backing mix much more than the vocal treatment on this one. backing mix is pretty fly though.

damn, that siren freaked me the hell out. i thought it was outside my window. this is pretty solid too. i like the basic straight beats which you've synched nicely, and the rest of the mix backs the theme up nicely. great production, reminds of old vintage cure mixes with the clippy drums. the backwards outro part was fabulous!!

Review written by "R.h.oZ"

Autoworker - Suicidal Squirrel
This song is definitely a fun track and I had alot of fun mixing it...

SID k49 - Elektronik Fuzz Mix
The first thing I thought when I started to listen to this one was "My Speakers really SUCK". What can I say, the name of this mix describes itself.

DFF Sound System - Cause and effect version
I love the opening, the Star Trek sample was a nice touch. This is definitely another good Drum'n'Bass Ride into the world of a suicidal squirrel.

Heuristics Inc. - HInc Severedmix
I like the static samples and the background melody. I think you could of done alot more with the drums though.

Credit - Friday The Thirteenth
That siren is awesome! (Love the intro) The synth sounds great and also gives the song such a haunting feel to it.

MC Jack in the Box
This is most definitely a solid mix! I love that stabbing synth and the echo at the end. (To bad you didn't complete it in time)

Well, thats it! - oVer&outThere

- R.h.oZ

January 18, 2007

Remix Fight #47 (reviews)

Here's all the reviews for this Fight:

Review written by "<3"

I am reviewing as I am listening as I have a tendency to do but rearranging them into the order the site shows them in the case that this is some sort of arrangement for an album. I hope this is not too confusing.

Swedish Masturbation Unit #two less than three - I am always a big fan of your pieces! (I do not think that "song" is quite the right term for it.) This is the sort of thing that I would love to hear lulling me of to sleep, being calm and soothing and also a bit dark at the same time. I like how it forces me to also pay very close attention to the song, and then about 2:45 in you start mixing in elements from totally different things. This is something I want to dissect. It has little flashes of red sparks too, and a very interesting bit of rhythmic oddness.

@eclectic spOOns - You are making fun of my bad singing! It is dissonant and very strange. I think that I have very mixed feelings about this one. Although it is very funny! I am not sure if I would like to listen to it again though.

DFF Sound System - Dark and spooky with a shining light through the clouds. This is very well-arranged and I like how you brought a new feeling out of the loops I made. The only bad thing I would say about it is it feels a bit long and like it is trying too many different things in a row. I like how abstract it gets around four minutes in though, especially when the vocals start to show up.

fluffy - I am not surprised to hear this sort of remix from you! The new vocals are pretty good (but maybe a bit pitchy) and I like the downtempo feel to the whole song. It does not sound like it took very much effort though especially compared to the others but you did say it only took you an hour and a half so it is a pretty good token effort I suppose but also the mix sounds a little thin to me in some places and a bit muddy in others and I want to hear more of the guitar. u_u

MC Jack In The Box - This is a very silly mix. It makes me laugh! I am a big fan of mashups. However the lyrics don't quite line up very well (and I also am not a fan of profanity but I guess that it goes with this territory). This is a very interesting use of the source material though!

Credit - Minimal slicing remixes are very fun and I like this one a lot! Have you ever done things with granular synthesis? That is what this reminds me of a lot. I could never get the hang of doing it myself though! You must be very patient. Do you have special software in order to do these things? I also like the music you have on your myspace quite a lot. This reminds me also of some of the more difficult songs in Beatmania. I do not really care for the ending too much though as it suddenly sounds too cohesive when previously everything was very abstract and charming.

Swedish Masturbation Unit #one less than three - I am actually hearing this one directly after your first one and so I can directly compare them. This one is starts out much more melodic and rhythmic which seems very strange for you! Although this is not a side of you that we hear very often I like it a lot. It sounds sparkly and electric, and like something out of a deranged Famicom game. I like the way your mind and acoustic aesthetic are warped. ^_^

R.h.oZ - Goodness this certainly makes the vocals sound even more chipmunky! I do need to find a better vocal treatment for my songs I think. The arrangement of this is pretty interesting. It reminds me a bit of Alpha Conspiracy or maybe some of the Monotonik artists. Then it opens up at about 2:00 and becomes very interesting to the ear the way it keeps on opening and closing. It sounds very blue, with maybe a bit of yellow. This is definitely like what they would be playing on the local dance music station if it had a bit more drums but as it is I think it would work well in a club!

Rinkydink - I was a bit afraid of what you did when I read the description. (Also for the record they are not sped up! They are just pitch-shifted and have a bit of a vocoder-type effect on them.) I actually really like how this sounds! Especially since you sped them up while pitching them down and then I guess adding a pitch corrector. It gives it a very interesting tonality to it. This kind of reminds me of some of toothpastefordinner drew's older stuff and it's very lighthearted. The abstract nontraditional percussion sounds are cheerful too.

I think I will have a very hard time in deciding which to vote for! There are a few very good ones in particular. I think SMU (both of them!), R.h.oZ, Credit, and DFF are my favorites for this set of songs. Deciding a clear best will be difficult though.

Thank you everyone! ^_^

Review written by "artemisstrong"

Credit - Wow... this is almost exactly what I tried to do with my mix, only of course much better. Very pleasant.

D-Fssss - Kruder & Dorfmeister, yay!

F. Luffy - This really reaches high. Uplifting so far. Normalizing the vocals makes sense here. I feel myself waiting for a breakdown of some kind.

McJack - The treatment of the drums is the real treat here. I like what you did 1:40 - 2:00, dropping most of the synth and letting a little playful chirpy thing carry it.

Our Hoze - Like the panning of the snare-y drums. MMmm, this is pretty good. Found a nice beat, I think you kids call it tribal. I like how the vocals are pushed back and work as an element rather than a driving force. This is quite good. Yah, you really did a number on the vocals, love it. Good outro.

Rink-a-dink-a-doo - Hah. Seems the real challenge for this fight was how to handle the crazy vox. My abandoned attempt involved chopping them up all hurly-burly in real-time (I figured out a rudimentary way to do real-time stuff in Goldwave [necessity is the mother of invention]). This is friggin' sweet. Echo is utilized very professionally here, like with that amped out triangle put all the way back and then reverbed the hell out of, it sounds like an ironworker's anvil being mercilessly pounded upon.

Smu the First - Off-kilter.

Smu Jr. - This is much better.

Spoons - This is quite intense.

Okay, so I ran outta steam at the end there, so what? All very good entries. It's a toss-up between Rhoz and Rinkydink. I will give them a second listen right now.

Review written by "fluffy"

Credit - I really like the slice-and-diceness of this, and how abstract it is for the most part, though the little bit where it suddenly breaks motif towards the end is a bit annoying. I like the bit at the end where it kind of blits out though.

DFF Sound System - That dark swishy-swooshy beat at the beginning and then the square wave octave stuff sets an awesome mood for this really killer jungle-style track, especially with what sounds like some of the vocals being manipulated to sound like percussive sounds. I don't really like the use of the bellpads after that since it sounds a bit too cheery and out-of-place, but then it builds up to a sort of semi-cheerful dissonance which is nice and unsettling in a brain-twisty way. I'd like to hear this song try to stick to one motif though. It's hard to tell whether it's trying to be dark or happy or just some sort of evolving soundscape. The backmasked vocals are just creepy-awesome though. Was the exact 5:55 time intentional? (The silence at the end tells me "yes.") It's sort of like a backwards 2:22 which would be entirely less than three.

fluffy (Me) - I was kind of going for a Lemon Jelly thing with the guitar and upright bass, obviously, but mostly I just felt it necessary to do a new performance after I mangled it live. The vocals are slightly processed in a manner similar to how <3 herself records her stuff (I think) so it sounds a bit like we're doing a duet, maybe. I should have spent more time on the mix but I was using a nondeterministic filter on the guitar (Feedback Network from Pluggo) and it makes getting a good mixdown hard. I should have also run my vocals through a pitch corrector or something. Or done more than one take. Or spent more than an hour and a half on it.

MC Jack In The Box - The intro sounds kinda dissonant and jumbled, though things quickly fall into place (aside from some weirdness with that bleep2 loop or whatever being misaligned with the rest of the chord progression) and make a pretty good gangsta-rap track idea, though it mostly just feels thrown together. Clever idea, but it needs a better execution.

R.h.oZ - Oh man I love that resonant filter you use on the octave-stabby loop. You also somehow made the vocals not sound so chipmunky and annoying. (I wish <3 had given us the raw vocal tracks instead of them being pre-processed. It'd have made it a lot easier to experiment with them. Oh well, people like to protect their secrets I guess.) Then at 1:45 when it gets all grungy, that's just really cool. You did some amazing stuff with the vocals, and everything else really, and that deserves a lot of kudos. This one's a definite keeper, and a possible vote.

Rinkydink - You took an already-fast track and made it faster. And noisier. And then also did some pretty cool stuff with the vocals, making it sound like some sort of deranged robot. It's a bit too short and I'd have liked to have heard more of the lyrics in it, and maybe some of the excellent harmonizing from the original or something. For some reason this reminds me a lot of 15-16 Puzzle towards the end.

Southern Methodist University #1 - Oh jesus this throws a chill down my spine and makes my nipples erect. Lick the g-spot of my brain, you beautiful, sexy genius. I think I just had an eargasm. Vote contender.

Space Maneuvering Unit #2 - This is right out of the Katamari Damacy soundtrack. Electric sparks tickle my lungs. For a moment, I am truly plaid, before my mind is covered in polka-dots. There are interference pattern stripes on my walls. Vote contender. Why must you split your own vote so?

@eclectic sp00ns: This kind of hurts my ears, and the rhythm is too jumpy for my tastes. If SMU's entries were opiates, this is a bad dextromethorphan trip.

I think one of the SMU entries gets my vote. I should listen to them again to help bleach out my ears after @eclectic sp00ns' anyway.

Review written by "Swedish Masturbation Unit"

@eclectic spOOns - Dootmarine Remix
Barbie's suicide wasn't unexpected. Her constant partying and drug use was jerking her life to a rocking back beat. The premeditated, bloodless manner that she first prepared, and then successfully basted and served herself is still under investigation. Perplexing and delicious!

Credit - Cutting It Fine Mix
SuperCute powers activate! Shape of marshmallow panda fruit bonus! Form of amorphous cherry mist. Yummy.

DFF Sound System - ponies in the mirror version
The footage of the Apollo landing wackiness sped up, bouncing faster and faster as they start laughing themselves silly into the break. They carefully crest a crater and see a herd of My Little Ponies galloping freely across the miles-wide surface. And then the return trip, wave a flag, a coke and a smile.

fluffy - Lemon Jelly Sandwich Mix
Lovely details such as the background squelching instrument and the birdishness at the beginning. There is a sweetness and sadness in the piano/chorus arrangement. You were seriously channeling the spirit of sake, whether drunk or not! Great performance.

MC Jack In The Box - The Life of Luxury mashup
Awe, you are meaning to endorse "the elementary benefits of committing felonies" matched with a misdemeanor arrangement. The dooting is great with the rap, all that's missing are gun shots and a classic "fresh!" swish. Even going out of sync a little jibes appropriately against the sweetness of <3. Daring, darling!

R.h.oZ - R.h.oZ Mix
Lovely for the simplicity. Effortless, beautifully ReBirthed. The musty drum loop is appropriately soggy. The vocal harmonizing is arranged nicely. I love the detuned ambient siren thingy and plucked bass moments.

Rinkydink - Girly remix
I consistently like your mixes, and expected this one to be enjoyable. Although much more minimal than I wanted, it keeps me itching for a beat building from a lone timpani or a sub-sonic growling god. Gorgeous distention, limitless amusement!

<3 - Rhymes With Lucia
It's got some great lyrics and builds emotionally. A really pretty, quirky, sweet song that got mashed up nicely. Thanks.

Review written by "R.h.oZ"

Swedish Masturbation Unit - I enjoyed Both Remixes. Also, I love the fact you transformed the track into something completely new. It's 4am and I'm back in the Ambience Room. Awesome!

@eclectic sp00ns - I'm a fan of Abstract Noise but I think your mix would be much better if you got rid of some of the vocals in the first minute. Abstract Sounds (voices) and Happy Hardcore, Nice...

DFF Sound System - A dark and wonderfully mellow drum-N-bass ride...

fluffy - Your remix made me smile! I was having such a hard time with the Vocal Tracks, I was going to sing the song myself but I couldn't make out all the words. I think you did a great Job.

MC Jack In The Box - Wow, It's so odd but it works! What a great idea, I had to listen to it a few times so I could fully appreciate it.

Credit - I really enjoyed your mix from beginning to end! You have my Vote! How long did it take to MiX?

Rinkydink - I love what you did with the vocals. (They sound so synthetic)

Review written by "DFF Sound System"

Swedish Masturbation Unit 1
Dark and dubby, i like the way the drums sound like they are disintergrating. A strange kind of ambient, disturbing yet flowing.

@eclectic spOOns
evil indeed are the doots, the vocals seem a bit too loud though, the volume when the come back in cut up being much easier on the ears.

This woks really well with the vocals pitched down.nice to have a mellow mix. I love the way it slowly evoles throughout the track. fantastic work from start to finish

MC Jack in the Box
Mash up time, i allways like to hear some hip hop with my chill.

that synth reminds me so much of orbital. This is the sound of fragmented rave memories.

Swedish Masturbation Unit 2
Another great builder of a mix, this reminds me of saturday shopping for some reason

Nice squelchiness, top build. Like a choir of robots marching on the headquarters of electro dub. Reminds me of grandaddy for some reason.

Bring on the fuzzy guitar. The percussion loop is awesome. Love what you've done with the vocals. This works especialy well being the final mix. Rounds things off nicely. The pin noise in the last third of the tune reminds me of FSOL's paupa new guinea

Review written by "MC Jack in the Box"

SMU (quimper)
pretty huge mix man. definitely deliciously deviant from the original. we both had the same idea of slowing it down i think. the odd bridge section came just a the right time, and was a nice breakdown/sequeway into the next section. production is excellent, and while you certainly put your own unique stamp on this, you retain alot of distinctive elements from the original. very nicely done sir.

eclectic spoons
sounds like you mostly stuck to the original source and changed it around, which is cool. the slice & stutter stuff is well done. production is pretty solid, and i have to say this works on it's best level when you really puree up the vocal track through the ska like section. timing seems to be kind of hit or miss with the straight vocal track.

DFF Sound System
that's a sweet and fat intro build up. the introduction of the drums is a little jarring, but not bad. the drop out with the chimes is great and how it call comes back in together works great. the extended jam after this also works pretty nicely as a DnB sort of mix. the odd little breakdown/bridge is cool too. good job man, i'm digging this!

sounds great! love the whistle. i'm almost wishing for a bit more reverb/phase shifting on the vocals (they are good though they might be clipping just slightly, maybe that's intentional). the big buildup to the outro is fab.

MC Jack in the Box
that's me.

cool concept, and good use of that vocal track, which i just could not use. maybe a bit too much stop and go for me, when it flows it sits better i think. nice beats though.

SMU (sushi)
this one i really enjoyed. very well packaged and put together.

great intro! backing mix is excellent. man, i hate those vocals.

po' dinky
ah rinkster, you've forged your own path my friend. not big on the vocals (surprise...), but i dig the rest of your mix alot. as always, glad you brought the rock and your trademark electric guitar embellishments.

Review written by "Rinkydink"

<3 (original) - don't like the vocal treatment but the muscial side of things is excellent

SMU1 - i listened as far as 1.40 then skipped forward, it wasn;t grabbing me at all

Spoons - i thought the vox don;t gel with the beats, then at about 1.20 ya get a bit techno then after 2.45 nothing

DFFFFFSSSSFSSFFS - i was thinkin 'good intro' then i remembered who i was listenin to but luckily something happend in the main thoughts were that vocals would work great over this

fluffy - sounds like yer gonna pull a rap outta the hat.....if ya'd changed key a bit ya mighta nailed the vocals...took me a bit to figure out what i wrote, it says.....this is more of a cover than a remix

MC Jackie stallone - the intro's a bit outta time but the tune is supafine, the raps a bit off too, its a lemon treeeee

Credit - i don't get it, i'm not grabbed by it.

SMU2 - ooh Disco! now its supermario heheheh wow, ya gots some really nice things goin on in there

RHOZ - not many used the full vox from the original....good tune

Po' Me - When i heard the original i wondered what the actual vocals sounded like so i pitchshifted then down(but they coulda been un-pitchshifted for all i knew) anyway the vox were me main point to work with, so i double tracked them and autotuned and distorted one and overdrived the other and mixed them to get what i got, to be honest i would have preferred to geta more human sound but i let this mofo to the last minute as usual

Review written by "spOOn"

SMU: Mister Quimper's Submersible - Nice ambient feel, and lovely use of the source material, I love the underwater feel to this, 100% georgeous until the scary bit comes in then it all goes dark, which in itself is cool, but for me I'm not sure if the two sections fit, nice use of the doots!

spOOns: Dootmarine - First thing that struck me about the original was the underwater feel, which is what I tried to recreate, coupled with the whole Barbie in distress thing, and although several people here have slammed this mix, not least the almighty less than three, this was in no way meant to be offensive, I played this to many friends at work and they all agreed that it was more of a tribute than poking fun... so if I caused any offense then it was purely unintentional. Excellent doots!

DFF: Ponies in the Mirror - Interesting minimalist intro, I'd have loved the doot doot line to come flying in from all sides after say 00:15 but nevertheless this has chillout etched through it's veins.

Fluffy: Lemon Jelly Sandwich - Nice feel seems to put the late sixties back into a track that was crying out for it, but for me the vocals are so out of place in relation to the beautiful ambience of the backing track, not for me thanks!

MC Jack in the Box: Life of Luxury Mashup - Yo now this is brilliant, though I'd say this isnt a remix more of a whole brand new song with the heavy sampling from the original, but well cool nonetheless, well well cool vox coupled with the doots!

Credit: Cutting it Fine - Stop Start intro maybe goes on a touch long, but has a real quirky jerky fell that is rather infectious, but it does get a touch tedious after a while, no tedious is wrong, maybe a touch annoying, it's like will someone please sort that out and get a new needle or something!

SMU: All Nite Sushi - These SMU persons/This SMU person is extremely good at this isnt he/she/they! just blinding in an almost effortless way, this is how I'd love to do things, Superior!

R.h.oZ: R.h.oZ - Quite a straight intro and I'm interested to see if this follows, very nice any very similar to the original, kind of with the adorable kinkiness ironed out and then infused with a slightly stiffer attitude, good job!

Rinkydink: Girly - Yeah now this is a well enviable approach, don't like the speeded up vocals sounds like they're going much too fast for the backing track, but the guitar is 'triffic.


Well, thats it! - oVer&outThere

- R.h.oZ

January 17, 2007

Soundscape Fusion

After a lot of thought I decided to take down the "Soundscape Fusion" website... ( It's just to much work to Maintain ) I feel it makes much more sense to have everything on one webpage.

On a Musical note, nothing will be lost. All the music, weblogs and Links already can be found on this site.

Soundscape Fusion Info

The Current Members of Soundscape Fusion are

R.h.oZ - Vocalist, Keyboardist, Guitarist, Programmer and Sound Sculptor.

Lo Ra - Vocalist and sounds from beyond.

What is Soundscape Fusion? You tell me!



January 5, 2007


Welcome to the new website, I hope all is good with all of you. I'm doing well! If your reading this then you already know that I moved my website to a new host and it only took 3 months. The old page will remain up until the people at delete it. I would like to thank them for there service, it's nice to know some things are still free. Also, if your looking to put up a webpage but have no idea how then you should check them out. ( they make it really easy to set one up ) Now that The Poo-Man & Poo-Wife Pic and Taste Like Chicken mp3 by Fatal Erections is here, the only thing you will find there is a link to this website. All other links and info have been removed and posted on this website.

Taste Like Chicken ->You can find this track in the music section.

This song was written in March then later recorded in June 2004 of the same year. On August 5, 2006 I finished it (well This version anyways) and now the Fatal Erections are back.