Electroniek Symphoniek: Volume 2

posted Jan. 16, 2009

Album CoverElectroniek symphoniek which was founded via e-mail on September 27, 2007 at 5:12:37 AM, is an experimental net base band with a love for noise and classical music.

Electroniek symphoniek are R.h.oZ, Marlon Cairenius, LoRa oZ and special guest Johan Cairenius. Influences include music which was written and recorded by other people, the sound a vacuum cleaner makes and filthy nostrils.

Electroniek symphoniek: Volume 2 contains 7 tracks with a running time of approximately 16 minutes.

This album is also licensed under a creative commons Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike license.

Tracklist: (1) Earthlight (2) Footprints in the snow (3) Chopins Revolutionary
(4) A Ghoulish Tea Party (5) The horn stomp (6) Nebula 2008 (7) Amazing Grace ( cosmic delay )

(1)(4)(6)(7) by R.h.oZ (3)(5) by Marlon Cairenius (7) by LoRa oZ (2) by Johan Cairenius.

Download : Electroniek_symphoniek_-_V2.zip

Links : Electroniek symphoniek, R.h.oZ, Marlon Cairenius


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