Soundscape Fusion: Side B

posted Feb. 06, 2009

Album CoverSoundscape Fusion: Side B was taken from "The Magic Time Traveling Bag" which also happens to be the follow up to "Side A", In fact this album is a collection of demo's which were originally recorded for the 2008 RPM Challenge.

"Side B" contains 10 tracks with a running time of approximately 23 minutes.

This album is licensed under a creative commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license.

Tracklist: (a) I want to be more (demo) (b) Mysteries Of Nature (demo)
(c) the Miracle of Life (demo) (d) A World (demo) (e) 41 Saw I (demo) (f) Lots Of Fun (demo)
(g) I feel the Power of God (demo) (h) Crossroads of deception (demo)
(i) Down the Conveyor Belt (demo) (j) At the End (demo)

Download :

Links : R.h.oZ


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