Carbon Monoxide V10E02

posted Oct. 31, 2009 by R.h.oZ

Awkward But Tranquil

Material Used :
1. Trick Or Treat by R.h.oZ
2. Processing Unit by Soundscape Fusion
3. Nebula (2008) by Electroniek Symphoniek
4. Help Me Find The Light by Soundscape Fusion
5. It's Windy Out There by Soundscape Fusion
6. The Electric Blue River Waltz by Soundscape Fusion
7. Dust In The Night Sky by R.h.oZ
8. I Am Sam by R.h.oZ

Additional Material Used :
Are You Ready by Electroniek Symphoniek
Shutting Down by Electroniek Symphoniek
Additional sounds used in this episode came from The Spunjet Starter Kit

V010E02 by R.h.oZ
Note: Carbon Monoxide will return in December 2009...


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