Carbon Monoxide V10E05

posted Jan. 29, 2010

More Gumbo Please

Warning! May contain goat excrement.

Additional Material Used :

Are You Ready by Electroniek Symphoniek
Shutting Down by Electroniek Symphoniek
Cross Road Blues by Robert Johnson
35 Ghosts IV by Nine inch Nails
The Starters Kit by the Spunjet Crew
Animal Pack by Soundscape Fusion
Baby SaRa by Soundscape Fusion
Don't Call Me Bill by R.h.oZ
Auld Lang Syne by R.h.oZ

V10E05 by R.h.oZ

News: This will be the last Carbon Monoxide webcast on "The Naked Photographer" but not the last episode. :-)

Carbon Monoxide will be on on hiatus for a few months, followed by some obscurity. Once this is accomplished, Carbon Monoxide will return to the realm of accessibility on

Thanks for listening! :-)


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