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posted March 6, 2010 by R.h.oZ

Hello All!

As you know for the past few months, the site has been running a little sluggish.
Hopefully, that is nolonger the case.

In fact! Not only will it look right but The site should also work okay with IE; although the site might run better on Firefox. Also, in addition to the visual change of the site; the structure including all pages of the site have been updated with the exception of the mp3's and pic files.

The unseen difference with the site is a simple one. The site now utilizes php instead of just html. Hopefully, this decision will make updating the site in the future a lot easier.

Now with change sometimes there are casualties and In this case it was the removal of the contact page. Now I am happy to say it wasn't do to spam or anything like that.
The truth is... I really wasn't happy with it and the fact that it was poorly set up had nothing to do with it's removal. Okay! Maybe it had a little to do with it.

To those of you who used the Contact page:

Feel free to e-mail me the old fashion way.

To those of you who wish to Contact me but don't have my e-mail:

You can contact me at


The Archives

In addition to the site upgrade, the archives have grown considerably with the sad demise of last month.

Although it's the end of the road for the website, the posts made there will live on.

Just below you can read the last post made at by Green Monkey on January 30, 2010 entitled "It's The End of The Road".


It's The End of The Road

It's the end of the road for The Naked Photographer.

The website will be going offline in the next few days but before it's gone...
I would like to take a moment and thank everyone who took part in making this site a very good learning experience for me.

As for all the posts made on this site; we are happy to say that all the posts will be made available to everyone @

Thanks for the memories...

-Green Monkey


Web Traffic

On a happier note, I'm delighted to announce that the sluggish performance of the site was not the result of a poor webpage design.

The poor performance was in fact the result of a badly designed website and a slight increase in web traffic.

Now that the sluggish performance has been addressed, I am happy to announce that was able to attracted 150 Visitors in a single day on January 29th. In addition to the increase in web traffic, I am also very happy to announce that "Thought Mechanics" has been downloaded over 5,000 times.

Wow! I just want to say thank you so much for listening.


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