A Musical Reduction

posted March 10, 2010 by R.h.oZ

After a great deal of thought, I've decided to slowly reduce the total amount of tracks from 101 to 66. At this very moment there are 88 tracks available in the music section and I hope to have the final 22 tracks removed in the next few days.

Why am I reducing the total number of tracks?

I have a lot of reasons for this but the 2 main ones are: 1. I feel less could truly be more and 2. I no longer have a reason to fear scarcity.

Why would anyone fear scarcity? Just in case your wondering!

The main reason why I feared scarcity in the past was do to this simple fact. If tomorrow my site were gone then All my music would be gone too.

Why I no longer fear scarcity?

I no longer fear scarcity because thankfully a lot of my music is now available elsewhere on the net. While on the subjet of scarcity: I would like to thank everyone who downloaded and shared my music with others because without you; I would have a reason to fear scarcity once again.

Thank you so much...



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