New Electroniek Symphoniek Album In The Works

posted April 5, 2010 by R.h.oZ

New Electroniek Symphoniek Album In The Works...


About the Noise

Electroniek Symphoniek is an experimental net base band with a love for noise and classical music. Founded via e-mail on September 27, 2007 at 5:12:37 AM. Electroniek Symphoniek began to annoy and devour the strange sounds found in elevators.

Electroniek Symphoniek influences include music written and recorded by other people, the sound a vacuum cleaner makes and peanuts.

Band members may contain human beings with violated nostrils.


The Sub Frequency Webcast

Episode 56 - The Electroniek Symphoniek Taster


Space Alarm by Soundscape Fusion - A Ghoulish Tea Party by R.h.oZ
Song of the Indian Guest by R.h.oZ - Earthlight by R.h.oZ - Small Summer Night Train by R.h.oZ
Nebula (2008) by R.h.oZ - Amazing Grace ( cosmic delay ) by LoRa

Now available in the Webcast section.


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