Electroniek Symphoniek 2010

posted May 29, 2010 by R.h.oZ

Electroniek Symphoniek is an experimental net base band with a love for noise and classical music. Founded via e-mail on September 27, 2007 at 5:12:37 AM. Electroniek Symphoniek began to annoy and devour the strange sounds found in elevators.

Electroniek Symphoniek influences include music written and recorded by other people, the sound a vacuum cleaner makes and peanuts.

Band members may contain the following human beings.

The new Electroniek Symphoniek project is now in production.


The Sub Frequency Webcast

Episode 56 - The Electroniek Symphoniek Taster


Space Alarm by Soundscape Fusion - A Ghoulish Tea Party by R.h.oZ
Song of the Indian Guest by R.h.oZ - Earthlight by R.h.oZ - Small Summer Night Train by R.h.oZ
Nebula (2008) by R.h.oZ - Amazing Grace ( cosmic delay ) by LoRa

Now available in the Webcast section.


The Magic Time Traveling Bag II

   Sendoff - The Magic Time Traveling Bag II by Soundscape Fusion is now complete and will be coming to a website near you.


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