Scalpel Stitch: Various Tracks   

A World

Attack Of The Killer Bees (1996)

Cosmic Disarray

Devolution ( the Continuum )


Free To Fly

Hey Doc (Electronic)

I Feel The Power of God (Demo)

It’s Windy Out There!

Jump Up & Down (Instrumental)

Moon Walker


Rest Assured (1996)

Rest Assured (Dark)



Social Anxiety Disorder

The Electric Blue River Waltz

The Dazzling Swindler

The Miracle of Life (demo)


War Pig ( March ON )

Electroniek symphoniek: Various Tracks  

A Ghoulish Tea Party

Amazing Grace ( cosmic delay )

I Got A Plan

Nebula 2008

Smoke and Mirrors

The Experiment

Zaintown (2007)

Johnny Turds: Silly Ditty’s

Because I Love You

Feels Real Good

I Burn

I love To

Remixes & Mashups

Smoking (interlude)

The Cat is Crazy

The four of us are dying

Music from Various other Projects

Accidental Buildup

Auld Lang Syne

Dust In The Night Sky

Erotic Dance

Fire In The Sky

Habanera (alternate)

Pachelbel’s Electric Canon

Silent Night

Sound Kitchen (demo 2)


The First Electronic Nowell

Trick or Treat 2010